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In the category of “you can’t make these things up” you can add the many stories recounted in Allan Lieberman’s book, “We Want Mashgiach Now—Tales From A Kosher Cop.” His first person account of life as a mashgiach is extremely humorous and even entertaining.

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Always humorous, sometimes irreverent and often educational, each chapter tells the story of incidents that occurred at Kosher restaurants or events and in kitchens of Kosher caterers.

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A "mashgiach" is an expert consultant in all things kosher, who patrols kitchens to ensure that Jewish dietary laws are observed. Or, as mashgiach Allan Lieberman calls himself: a "kosher cop."
His new book about his experiences, We Want Mashgiach Now!, reveals just what this work involves; as the tone of the title implies, he finds the funny in every situation.
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 Readers Weigh In​​

​"A ball of'a great to be able to laugh at oneself"

Rabbi Manis Friedman
Author of   Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore  and  
The Art of Intimacy

"Beyond mysticism and approaching the sphere of wisdom, this book shares insights into how -and maybe why- we observe our Torah laws of Kosher in Western Society without the need to decapitate anyone!"
Avraham Rosenbloom
Original Member of Diaspora Yeshiva Band
"Godfather" of Jewish Rock